carpet-layer-front-side_PRVWCarpet re-stretching is what we do best. This service is needed when your carpet is starting to ripple or bunch up in the home. Small ripples are not usually caused by normal wear, but may occur when sliding around heavy furniture or when a floor is subjected to a great deal of foot traffic. Mistakes during installation or manufacturing can also result in small flaws like these appearing. While slight rippling may not seem like a major cause for concern, it will result in more extensive rippling if it is not dealt with immediately. If not repaired soon enough, the flooring may need to be replaced completely.

Replacement, though, is almost never required when minor rippling shows up
. Carpet re-stretching can solve the vast majority of these issues at a low expense. The only time the flooring may need to be replaced is if it is installed or manufactured poorly. For instance, if the company that sells the carpet matches up the wrong padding and carpet piles together, replacement of the pad and relaying may be required. If rippling is caused by normal wear or minor defects, this form of repair is usually all that’s needed. When you need carpet re-stretching in Denver look to the best where your satisfaction is guaranteed! We are master technicians and we are regularly called upon by other well known companies to carry out their carpet repairs and re-stretching problems.

No job is to large or to small, whether it is a cigarette burn, carpet area chewed up by your favorite pet, or just installing new carpets. Small details matter! This is our motto and this is the reason why Britannia Brite is the best when it comes to carpet repairs, and Denver carpet re-stretching, refasten, pet damage, and wrinkles.

When re-stretching carpet, we do not cut corners by only using knee-kickers, the only thing we cut is the excess carpet when it has been fully stretched. We always power stretch using up to date modern power stretchers and other appropriate tools to re-stretch your carpet and make it look like new.

Depending on the age of your carpet, it may need to be re-stretched. This would also depend on whether or not it was properly installed. The longer you wait to stretch the carpet, the more the damage will be permanent. The little bubbles and buckles become more worn as your feet scuff across them.

We can power stretch your carpet to extend its life. With experience in all types of repairs and seams, our experts can take care of these for you.

When installing new carpet seams we use an industrial hot iron and professional seaming tape, we never use glue guns or sticky tape which is a far inferior method of seaming carpet together.

Britannia Brite is a family owned business, so we give you the time and expertise to guarantee your satisfaction with any service we offer!Carpet re-stretching