• We can repair and patch carpet tears caused by pets.
  • We can repair burn holes and carpet seams coming apart.
  • We can remove ripples from old or poorly installed carpets.
  • We can replace carpet cusion or install new carpets.
  • We are expers in all types of flood restoration work.
  • We are honest and sincere, and garauntee all our work.
  • We are Britannia Carpets of Denver. 720-480-1765

Whether it is repairing a seam or handling a bleach stain from a cleaning attempt gone wrong, the remedy is Britannia Carpets. A wall to wall replacement can be an expensive way to solve a problem that could be affordably addressed by the using our skills to repair the damaged area. Burns, water damage, fading, snags, destruction caused by pets, and obstinate stains are some of the issues we deal with daily. Depending on the issue, various techniques are employed.  A patch might be the best way to treat a cigarette burn, while a run in Berber can be re-looped and secured. No matter what damage you have we will inspect and find the best way to repair it at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the entire carpet.