flooded-basement-clip-art-694620Water damage can devastate your residential property in a short time. Heavy rain, storms, flooding, plumbing and sewer problems can all result in serious water damage, property damage and loss. In Colorado, 1 in 45 homes will suffer from water damage from frozen pipes and severe flooding.

There are many flood restoration companies that only have the skill to extract the dirty water and end up tearing carpet seams or destroying the carpet completely. This leaves the homeowner in the unfortunate position of having to hire a carpet repair company after the restoration company finished, this can be frustrating and very costly. Britannia Brite not only removes the contaminated water but we also make sure that your carpets are clean, sanitized and reinstalled. With Britannia Brite we will care for your carpet during the water removal process, we make sure to cause little to no damage when pulling back carpets or removing them. We hope that you never need this service but when you do make sure that you trust in the professionals that are with you from start to end.

What to do when you have a flood?


#2 Turn off the water main and call a plumber for a broken pipe or sewer backup

#3 Call us

#4 Make sure to get problem area fixed so that the same issue does not occur again.